User Agreement

1. General Provisions

1.1. This Agreement is developed according to the requirements of the Federal Law dd. July 27, 2006 No. 149-FZ “On Information, Information Technologies and Information Protection”.

1.2. The purpose of development and implementation of this Agreement is to regulate legal relations that arise due to access of the Users of website www.silkway.moscow to the information and services posted on website www.silkway.moscow.

1.3. All information that is posted on website www.silkway.moscow is granted to the Users only based on acceptance of this Agreement by the User.

1.4. If the User does not agree with this User Agreement or Regulation of Personal Data Protection of the site, or other rules of the site www.silkway.moscow, such User shall immediately stop using the site www.silkway.moscow.

1.5. All the information posted on the site is for information purposes only. The purpose of posting information on the website is to inform Users about products, works and services.

1.6. The use of the site is free of charge, unless a fee is provided for individual services that cannot be charged except on the basis of the voluntary will of the User.

2. Basic Terms

2.1. The “Website” in this Agreement means a set of programs for electronic computing machines and other information contained in the information system, which can be accessed through the Internet information and telecommunication network by the domain name www.silkway.moscow.

2.2. The parties in the relations that fall under the scope of this Agreement are, of the one part, the Owner of website www.silkway.moscow, of the other part – the users of the site www.silkway.moscow.

2.3. The Owner of website www.silkway.moscow is a person holding rights for the site www.silkway.moscow (hereinafter, the Owner of the site, or the Owner).

2.4. The User of website (hereinafter in this Agreement, the User) is a person who has expressed his/her consent to use information and services posted on website www.silkway.moscow under the terms of this User Agreement, Regulation of Personal Data Protection and other rules of the site.

3. Rights and Obligations

3.1. All Users before using website www.silkway.moscow are required to read and understand this Agreement, as well as Regulation of Personal Data Protection of Users of Website and other rules of the site.

3.2. The User of the website has the right to explore the information posted on the website and use it at his/her discretion, as well as use the services provided on the website.

3.3. The User of the website is obliged to comply with the prohibitions and restrictions established by the law and this Agreement.

3.4. The Owner of the website independently determines the size and nature of the information posted on the website and has the right to make any changes at its own discretion without prior notice to the Users.

4. Personal Account

4.1. For the convenience of using the website services, a personal account is provided for the User.

4.2. The personal account is intended for making quick purchases through the corresponding website resource, as well as for informing the User on the status of the orders.

4.3. The personal account can be located directly on the website or with the transition to a separate resource.

4.4. Access to the personal account can be provided by special programs, including a mobile application.

4.5. Registration in the personal account is carried out by Users voluntarily on their own initiative.

4.6. Access to the personal account is carried out by login and password which are entered by the User during registration independently. The User is responsible for generating a reliable login and password.

4.7. Access to the personal account is blocked if the User violates applicable law or the rules of using the website.

5. Disclaimer

5.1. If the User submits to the website or posts information on the website – such information is not moderated and not edited. The User is solely responsible for the information sent to the website or posted on the site.

5.2. The Owner of the website is not responsible for the reliability of information on the range and quality of goods and services that is posted on the website by third parties. If the User is harmed by goods or services, the User presents a claim or statement of claim to the manufacturer or seller of the goods or services.

6 Final Provisions

6.1. This User Agreement is published on website www.silkway.moscow in free and unrestricted access for general public.

6.2. If the User violates the requirements of the applicable legislation or the rules of using the website, such User is liable in accordance with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.3. The Owner of the site has the right to independently amend this User Agreement without prior notice.