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Delivery within an extremely short time of any goods directly from production bases in China

Transport and logistics complex «Yuzhnouralsky»

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Key point

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the Business Hub «Silk Way» and our partner TLC «Yuzhnouralsky», the time for delivery of goods from China to Russia by rail was reduced by more than 4 times, and now it is equal to 12 days.

Cargo delivery is one of the most important and complex elements of building business processes. The special transportation program which we developed with the «Yuzhnouralsky» TLC allows you to deliver goods directly from production bases to the warehouse space of «Silk Way», as much as possible reducing documents processing time.

Key benefits

Trade relations between Russia and China have been a strategic priority for many years, and are currently developing particularly rapidly. The speed of delivery and clearance is one of the decisive conditions for successful business processes.

Reduce the time of cargo delivery

Delivery of any cargo from China to Moscow is less than two weeks! How did this become possible? The clarity and coherence of the work of our partner TLK "Yuzhnouralsky", as well as the regulations we developed, made it possible to shorten the time of cargo delivery and customs clearance.

Save budget funds

The cost of cargo delivery and processing all the necessary documents often becomes an unpleasant surprise for the owner. Thanks to the cargo consolidation system, delivery through our service will be much cheaper. Moreover, knowing in advance how much the delivery and customs clearance will cost - can help you to accurately plan your budget.

Get comprehensive service

Our programs are not only impeccable service and fast delivery advantages. Using our services, you gain access to convenient trading platforms, as well as new contacts which provide growth of the client base and your business.

Our service will allow you to forget about logistics routines and speed up your company's business processes!