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Why work in the “Silk Road”?

Employees of the "Silk Road" - a multi-ethnic family unified around the project, where everyone complement each other and finds opportunities to develop its unique potential. All together seek a high goal - to create the largest in Russia free trade area between Russia and China.


Benevolent atmosphere, warm meetings with a lot of people, emotions and energy of common goals: we are sure that a person works more effectively when work brings joy.


Each of our employees knows: he is an important link, he is leading the company to success. But success is impossible without the cohesion of the team, mutual assistance and support.


Why are we interested in your career growth? Together with you, the "Silk Road" grows. Only a dynamically developing company can survive in a highly competitive environment.

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It's amazing - how easy it is and not by constraint, here in "Chinatown" solve the problem of large enterprises

Mabudue Armabadumbe

Lighting designer engineer

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